the past perfect

by mark alan lofgren

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The first solo album for founding The Luck of Eden Hall member Mark Alan Lofgren.


released May 27, 2014

Production, Words and Music by Mark Alan Lofgren

Drums and additional guitars on 6 and 9 by Curvey



all rights reserved


Mark Alan Lofgren Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: roosevelt
roosevelt he loved routines/he went out once in trendy jeans/he opened up his drunken heart/pretending he was seventeen/roosevelt he loved to tease/he threw a party from his knees/he took a fall to spare the queen/in sunday shoes and swollen feet/he went down to the beaches where he’d surfed/he climbed upon some rocks but lost his nerve/the sun was hazy hot low in the sky/he yawned and cleared his head and wondered why/roosevelt he prayed for peace/and quoted lines from movie scenes/remembered girls he used to please/a certain time when rock was king/he woke up on some bench in hollywood/he sun was hazy hot low in the sky/he yawned and cleared his head and wondered why/all the pretty days turned into nights
Track Name: a life electric
freezer burn in a heart of darkness/twist and turn in our dizzy tumble/sleep disturbed and over served/who is going to see you now/oh me oh my it’s a tragic sign/pouring out your sleepless words/in a voice that is hardly heard/bridges burned over chasms/lessons learned soon forgotten/frayed nerves a life electric/who turned the lights down lately/now the worlds all dim and hazy/tongue-tied and silver-lined/snow blind and hollow eyed
Track Name: citadel
theres a city that’s emptied of all but the shadows/there are children on side streets alone in the doorways/high above are blue cameras, but not down on ninth street/is that graffiti a painting/you ought to know better than that/she’s never been to london/she’s there where the fire was/trying to clear off the table, where her mother would fold clothes/theres a coming attraction from back in the nineties/until they ask you your name, hide in the walls/until they force you to sing, don’t say a thing/until the last disciple drowns your citadel/believe the nameless can be: invisible, untraceable, intractable, invisible/the camera shy,a bag of bones,the empty suit,the fool’s gold/you ought to know better than that (you know there’s no name for heaven)
Track Name: flying blind
the sky looks tired, he’ll confide/he can’t breathe right, but he won’t mind/this guy he’s tired and he won’t try/the flowers and wine make him high/I won’t fly blind/deep into the canyons and the mines/the time it flies, he’ll confide/it can’t be hard to live things twice/I won’t fly blind (the sun may shine)/up into the ether where we hide/such a simple thing flying blind/I know flying blind
Track Name: nearsighted andy
clean for a day or a night/under ridiculous rain/pros work the corner for change/young girls with cornrows and shades/nothing in your blurry eyes/absence seizures folding time/something in you flashes red/this is not an argument/clean for a day or a night/over the songs in our fights/drove through the ice and the rain/down south where nothing was changed/mister lady tucks you in/close your eyes and count to ten/while you sleep they never call/meld the metals into wands/you’re disengaged and you can’t see straight and your fucked up teeth and you’re left alone/andy you’re incomplete and your songs are weak why don’t you rest your feet, left alone/read your story in random rhymes/systematically untold/lay down here and lose your mind/spill your secrets to the wall/andy’s alone and we’re so cold/why am I so lost/andy’s alone and we’re so old/why are we so lost
Track Name: one london ontario night
onesome drive, when she was mine/frozen night and warm city light/one london ontario night/asunder, ice-shuttered and blind/pulled under but not out of sight/coldest lives are lost in time/we erased our dreams and kissed in our sleep/I’ll never see you again, one london ontario night
Track Name: andromeda
on a saturday of old news, a restless nation in ruin/outside the doorways asleep in the windows ,you know they know/at our lady of the yawn, she plays the psalms you never loved/return to dreams all knotted up/to silver seas andromeda/give up your calling/sit up you’re falling/never far from our lost andromeda/outside the windows asleep in the doorways, you know they know
Track Name: the traffic in her room
the traffic in room/all these friends unnamed/in a sentimental haze, she smiles behind a veil/I wonder what this all costs/her four am bars/dives we hid away, to live our chemical days/her magical songs/ones that fill the silence when she’s gone/fall in love in the dark/never was I sure where we was/disappear the way we do/los angeles I know/no way to make it home/los angeles I know, we will never make home (I’ve been so lost)/los angeles I know, why’d we ever let it go (I’ve been so low)
Track Name: a pocketful of bliss
can it take me higher than I’ve been before/can it take me lower than the floor/can it take me over and show me what I want/I thought I’d be much farther than the door/you think I gotta run/I ain’t gotta run/there’s nowhere I’ve gotta be/you think it’s happiness,a pocketful of bliss, but really it’s a gun ready to go off/can it tip me over, I’m tired of the view/can I do it solo, so I can fail myself
Track Name: put it together
broken things and stolen chairs/cigarettes and ashtray hair/folded songs high on the shelf/burn them soon to prove a point/broken things and sleeping bags/the window shades are ruined sheets/once you left you were the best/anyone could love you next/let’s put it all back together/it’s better later than never/sundown to sunrise I can’t close my my eyes
Track Name: never coming back
I’m never coming back/all the pictures and the scars/and kissing under stars/all the backwards company/I’m never coming back/the rain is here to stay/once I had my plans/but then I sold them cheap/all of us have stars in our eyes (faded lights)/far away nights we can’t find (falling stars)/all of us will slide losing time (pictures of nowhere)/all the love we made will unwind/I’m never coming back/that place is choked with weeds/all our broken poetry/as meaningless as dreams/the sea the sun and the rain if I could see you again
Track Name: undertow
a way to the start/the maps and the charts/aliens and stars are painted on your walls/I see you, but that’s not enough for me/I need you, but that’s not enough for me you pretty thing/the oceans we were near/storms shook the chandelier/the telescopes on mars are pointed at your house/let’s all pretend we’re gone/throw blankets on the ground/look up instead of down/that’s where we all belong/ignore the undertow